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Train Number 14006 (LICHCHAVI EXP)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
ANAND VIHAR TRM 1 ANVT Source 15:45 0 K.M.
GHAZIABAD 2 GZB 16:11 16:13 2:00 13 K.M.
DADRI 3 DER 16:28 16:30 2:00 30 K.M.
TUNDLA JN 4 TDL 20:18 20:22 4:00 197 K.M.
KANPUR CENTRAL 5 CNB 23:20 23:30 10:00 427 K.M.
ALLAHABAD JN 6 ALD 02:30 02:55 25:00 621 K.M.
ALLAHABAD CITY 7 ALY 03:03 03:05 2:00 623 K.M.
GYANPUR ROAD 8 GYN 04:11 04:13 2:00 685 K.M.
BHULANPUR 9 BHLP 05:48 05:50 2:00 739 K.M.
VARANASI JN 10 BSB 06:15 06:25 10:00 745 K.M.
MAU JN 11 MAU 07:55 08:00 5:00 838 K.M.

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"My story is about my honeymoon trip. I went to Mauritius for honeymoon.

It was the last day of the trip when we went to a beach there and all the activities involved water like different sort of water sports, underwater diving, para gliding etc.

Prior to this, I had a fear of water and height and so none of these were of my interest. But my husband likes all this lot and he was very excited. When I discovered about my fear, he very nicely explained me that nothing will happen and gave me confidence saying that he is there with me always. Trusting his words, I accompanied him in all the activities and I really enjoyed doing all that.

Now whenever we go out for any holiday, I push him for going for water sports and other such events. Thanks to my love for helping me get rid of fears "

Neha Jindal from Bangalore