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Train from BINA JN to AJMER JN
Train Number 19605 (KOAA AII EXPRES)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
BINA JN 1 BINA 16:10 16:15 5:00 0 K.M.
BHOPAL JN 2 BPL 19:55 20:20 25:00 139 K.M.
UJJAIN JN 3 UJN 23:15 23:25 10:00 322 K.M.
NAGDA JN 4 NAD 00:26 00:28 2:00 377 K.M.
RATLAM JN 5 RTM 01:10 01:30 20:00 418 K.M.
MANDASOR 6 MDS 02:49 02:50 1:00 502 K.M.
NIMACH 7 NMH 03:47 03:49 2:00 551 K.M.
CHITTAURGARH 8 COR 05:25 05:35 10:00 607 K.M.
BHILWARA 9 BHL 06:30 06:35 5:00 661 K.M.
AJMER JN 10 AII 08:55 Destination 793 K.M.

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"It was when I was a kid. My family went to Ganges on a holiday trip. Like many other, my parents also decided to do some puja on the banks of holy river Ganga.

Because of water and so many flowers and other puja related stuff, it was slippery on the stairs where I was standing with my parents. While my parents were doing the puja, I stepped down one step to see the water but slipped and fell into Ganga. Since I was a small child and did not know swimming also, I was drowning and parents were busy with their puja.
Thankfully some pandit noticed me drowning and pulled me out. I was very much scared and always remember that terrible experience."

Nisha Kumari from Allahabad