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Train Number 22688 (DDN CDG MAS EXP)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
CHANDIGARH 1 CDG Source 07:45 0 K.M.
AMBALA CANT JN 2 UMB 08:45 08:55 10:00 68 K.M.
JAGADHRI 3 JUD 09:32 09:34 2:00 119 K.M.
SAHARANPUR 4 SRE 10:15 10:50 35:00 149 K.M.
MUZAFFARNAGAR 5 MOZ 11:36 11:38 2:00 207 K.M.
MEERUT CITY 6 MTC 12:20 12:22 2:00 263 K.M.
GHAZIABAD 7 GZB 13:11 13:15 4:00 310 K.M.
H NIZAMUDDIN 8 NZM 14:25 14:50 25:00 333 K.M.
FARIDABAD 9 FDB 15:08 15:10 2:00 354 K.M.
AGRA CANTT 10 AGC 18:30 18:35 5:00 520 K.M.
GWALIOR 11 GWL 20:09 20:12 3:00 639 K.M.

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"I went to a trip with my friends to Manali. We were travelling by car taxi. Since it was snowing, all the roads were slippery and our driver was driving very slowly.

As we started on the way to Rohtang, the route becomes more narrow and slippery. At a point, we met huge traffic block and on enquiring we got to know that there has been a major accident of a bus and a car.

We all stepped down and went to the accident place. The family riding in the car was badly injured and people were standing there waiting for the police to come. We felt so bad looking at the useless crowd and went forward. We helped the injured t get up and offered them water. Since the road was all blocked, we made a team of 2-2 and lifted the injured and brought them out of the crowd. We stopped few cars at the end of the traffic jam and took the injured to hospital.

This was the real adventure I ever realized in my life."

Rahul Garg from Delhi

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