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Train Number 16327 (KRBA TVC EXPRES)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
GONDIA JN 1 G 02:23 02:25 2:00 0 K.M.
TUMSAR ROAD 2 TMR 02:57 02:58 1:00 50 K.M.
BHANDARA ROAD 3 BRD 03:14 03:15 1:00 68 K.M.
NAGPUR 4 NGP 04:35 04:45 10:00 130 K.M.
SEVAGRAM 5 SEGM 05:44 05:45 1:00 206 K.M.
HINGANGHAT 6 HGT 06:14 06:15 1:00 243 K.M.
CHANDRAPUR 7 CD 07:21 07:22 1:00 327 K.M.
BALHARSHAH 8 BPQ 08:05 08:35 30:00 341 K.M.
SIRPUR KAGAZNGR 9 SKZR 09:25 09:26 1:00 411 K.M.
BELAMPALLI 10 BPA 10:03 10:04 1:00 449 K.M.

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"It was during my very first experience of rock climbing. I was bit nervous at the start but my guide gave me enough confidence and I started for my journey.

I was moving very slowly and safely following the guide’s instructions but suddenly I missed one step and my leg slipped off the rock. I became so scared that I even missed the grip of the rope and was hanging with the supports tied to me.

I was screaming loudly and all my group mates also became worried.

But thank to God and my guide, he climbed very quickly and hold me tight. I was shaking badly but he supported me strongly and helped me to come down safely.

I am very much grateful to him for saving my life."

Mohit Jaiswal from Kolkata