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Train Number 12319 (KOAA AGC EXPRES)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
KANPUR CENTRAL 1 CNB 03:50 04:00 10:00 0 K.M.
FARRUKHABAD 2 FBD 06:10 06:15 5:00 139 K.M.
KASGANJ 3 KSJ 08:10 08:25 15:00 247 K.M.

Train Number 15107 (CPR MTJ EXPRESS)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
KANPUR CENTRAL 1 CNB 15:05 15:15 10:00 0 K.M.
KANPUR ANWRGANJ 2 CPA 15:25 15:27 2:00 3 K.M.
KANNAUJ 3 KJN 16:28 16:30 2:00 81 K.M.
FARRUKHABAD 4 FBD 17:35 17:45 10:00 139 K.M.
KAIMGANJ 5 KMJ 18:07 18:09 2:00 170 K.M.
KASGANJ 6 KSJ 19:40 19:50 10:00 247 K.M.

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"My most memorable moment is my first chopper ride.

It was when I was in Australia. We went to visit 12 Apostles and chose to take a chopper ride above the huge Indian Ocean.

At the start, I was very much scared as I always feared from height. But feeling shy of telling this to my friends, I also agreed to take the ride. 3 of us sat in the chopper with seat belts tied and the flight started. Looking at me, the pilot understood that I am scared. So he started talking to me and telling me to forget about everything and just enjoy the beauty from this view. Initially I ignored what he was saying but then I also started enjoying and forgot all my fear.

The moment I forgot everything and looked at the beautiful ocean, I was so delighted and enjoyed a lot. Now I have no fear of height and enjoy all the trips and events fully."

Piyush Saxena from Mumbai

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