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Train Number 12708 (AP SMPRK KRANTI)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
SECUNDERABAD JN 1 SC 09:15 09:30 15:00 0 K.M.
KACHEGUDA 2 KCG 09:43 09:45 2:00 7 K.M.
MAHBUBNAGAR 3 MBNR 11:32 11:34 2:00 113 K.M.
GADWAL 4 GWD 12:32 12:34 2:00 188 K.M.
KURNOOL TOWN 5 KRNT 13:36 13:38 2:00 244 K.M.
DHONE 6 DHNE 15:10 15:15 5:00 297 K.M.
TADIPATRI 7 TU 16:39 16:41 400 K.M.

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"I went to the mountains of Ladakh last year with my friends circle on BIKES.People said we were mad to do so,but we loved the experience and lived it to the fullest.I must say we rode on some very difficult roads and had an adventurous tour.We visited certain landmarks like the:- 1.Magnetic Hill, that pulls your vehicle up the steep without any engine even switched on!! 2.We went to the school that used in the shooting of the "3 Idiots". 3.And we went to that famous lake also. 4.We met some amazing people on our journey. I would always love to replicate the feat again, with my pals!!!@@@"

Priya Singh from Faridabad