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Train Number 17479 (PURI TPTY EXP)
Station Sequence Station Code Arrival Time Departure Time Halt Minutes Distance
TIRUPATI 1 TPTY 16:15 Destination 0 K.M.
KHAMMAM 2 KMT 11:40 11:42 2:00 -284 K.M.
WARANGAL 3 WL 13:30 13:32 2:00 -177 K.M.
KAZIPET JN 4 KZJ 13:50 13:52 2:00 -167 K.M.
SECUNDERABAD JN 5 SC 16:25 16:40 15:00 -35 K.M.
VIKARABAD JN 6 VKB 18:20 18:25 5:00 37 K.M.
BIDAR 7 BIDR 20:10 20:15 5:00 127 K.M.
PARLI VAIJNATH 8 PRLI 00:05 00:15 10:00 304 K.M.
PARBHANI JN 9 PBN 01:20 01:30 10:00 368 K.M.
JALNA 10 J 03:25 03:27 2:00 483 K.M.
AURANGABAD 11 AWB 04:55 05:00 5:00 545 K.M.
NAGARSOL 12 NSL 06:40 06:45 5:00 634 K.M.
MANMAD JN 13 MMR 07:30 07:35 5:00 657 K.M.
SAINAGAR SHIRDI 14 SNSI 09:15 Destination 739 K.M.

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"This was my annual, usual trip to with my boyfriend to some exotic destination and we chose ,the Amer Fort,this time around.I ahve watched the might of the fort in some Bollywood flicks like "Jodha Akbar" and "Veer" but I wanted to feel the aroma of that historic and magnificent place.As soon as we saw the mighty for at front of us ,we were awestruck and it was like that the time has stopped for both us.As we entered the palace we discovered very interesting facts about the emperors and the fort.The most interesting was the under-ground reservoir system that I liked to the limits,it was used to collect & store all the water that fell in the form of rain over the perimeter of the fort. That was just amazing and I fell in love with the fort.I mean people were too intelligent at those times and we are too dumb that we waste water,the life giver all the time! It was a visit from which I learned a lot not only about history but also about the ethical way of living life. "

Rinkal Bhansali from Mumbai